Every single being here on earth has a contract, your soul purpose.

We can search for years what we love to do or how we want to spend our time. I strongly believe we encounter challenges, human connections and relationships to grow and to move up levels of consciousness.  This is simply my opinion and what I've gather from experiences I will share one day. But for now I want to share some thing that will be beneficial for everyone.

I'm aware that the fashion industry is a harsh reality. With that comes the burden on my end. Is my passion wasteful? Will I eventually be exploding other humans for my own financial benefit? These thoughts scared me and that's probably why I never went full time with LuxMuse. Until last year, I chose to source as many materials and produce all my designs locally. Reusing and dumpster diving for materials is a huge plus for me! Okay with that being said and it brings me great joy to announce my LUXMUSE "Be Love" program. For now it's a small contribution to the bigger picture of how I want to help others.

Every 2 months I will choose a specific cause, charity or individual with a dream in need of funding. I will donate 10% of my sales for those two months to give my gratitude to all the amazing blessings I'm experiencing. 

Every time you purchase a Luxmuse item you're contributing to someone else's dream and hope. Join me this month of November and December as I choose my brothers and sisters of "Standing Rock"

For the upcoming months I want to hear from you! Email us to let us know who you would like to see shine bright. <3 Much love and thank everyone who has every supported me and who will continue. You guys make this possible!



Image by Sky Green