Being Queen (Deep Plum)

Being Queen (Deep Plum)


Being Queen is a state of being or to be. To simply be the warrior women who fight for truth, compassionately taking care of our earth like the empress, connected to all earth's creatures. Searching for growth and expansion, a queen is there to learn and to teach. To inspire with her creations and purpose on earth. Each queen individually and together on a mission to expand consciousness and spread the message of LOVE! Will you join us?

With it's flattering v-cut design these suits have amazing support in the breast area :) With loving technology your boobies will thank you! 


X-small: Bust 30-32" Waist 24"-25" Hips: 33"
Small: Bust 33-35" Waist: 25-26" Hips: 34-35"
Medium: Bust 34-36" Waist 26-28" Hips 35-38"
Large Bust 36-38" Waist 29-31" Hips 39-42"

Custom Sizing available just email us your measurements after purchasing. 

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