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Ambassador Program


About our Ambassador Program

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Our ambassador program was created to give back to the women and men who love to support small businesses while looking fabulous! 

We know that buying one of kind slow fashion can add up and sometimes we have to get creative! By joining our team you will enjoy the benefits of monthly gifts, discount codes, store credit and also the ability to earn money!

How do you ask?

We've made simple and fun! 

Fill out the application below. Create a personal discount code you can give out to your friends and followers on IG. Shortly after we will send you 50% OFF discount code off shorts, tops and bodysuits! Dress up, take a clear beautiful photo showcasing the way you style Lux Muse.

Lastly share, repost and let everyone close to you know where they can snag some one of kind magik! 

For every order you will gain 11% commission that can be turned into cash or store credit! 



Apply Today! 

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